K-ETA Guide


K-ETA Application Guide

K-ETA(Korea Electronic Travel Authorization) Announcements

  • 1 K-ETA eligible nationals, who wish to enter visa-free the Republic of Korea, must obtain K-ETA approval before boarding the flight or ship. Please keep in mind that the assessment can take more than 72 hours depending of the situation (ex, an increased number of K-ETA applications, applicants’ circumstances, etc).
    Therefore, please apply for K-ETA with sufficient time.
  • 2 Each approved K-ETA allows multiple visits to the Republic of Korea within the validity period of K-ETA (3 years in general).
    However, K-ETA approval is not a guarantee of entry into the Republic of Korea.
    The final decision of a traveler’s entry will be made by the immigration official of the Republic of Korea at the port of entry.
  • 3 The validity period of K-ETA(3 years in general) is irrelevant with the allowed period of visa-free stay.
    Those who enter the country via K-ETA cannot stay beyond the allowed period of visa-free stay permitted by nationality.
    The allowed period of visa-free stay per entry differs by nationality. Therefore, please refer to Allowed period of stay at [K-ETA Application Eligibility Guide].
  • 4 K-ETA approval may be denied or cancelled in any case of submitting false or inaccurate information on the K-ETA application, and that person may be subject to penalties or entry restriction according to relevant Korean laws. The same will be applied to those who are applying on behalf of the applicant.
  • 5 The K-ETA fee is 10,000KRW (approximately USD $9~10, additional fee excluded) and is non-refundable even if the application is denied.
     ※ K-ETA Center is not responsible for any third party(agency, etc.) fees for the transaction.
  • 6 Even if your K-ETA has not expired, you are required to apply for a new K-ETA if there are any changes to your information, such as name, sex, date of birth, nationality, passport information (passport number, passport expiration date), infectious disease or criminal record.
  • 7 If there are any changes to your purpose of entry, address in Korea or contact information after your K-ETA approval, you are required to update such information through the K-ETA website [Edit Information] before entering Korea. Failure to do so may result in unfavorable measures such as entry denial.
  • 8 Those with K-ETA approval can go through entry immigration more conveniently, as they will be exempted from submitting the arrival card upon entry.
    K-ETA application by proxy is available, and one person can apply for up to a total of 50 people and make the payment at once.
     ※ Please note that we do not accept any activities with K-ETA which are undertaken for the purpose of generating profit or revenue.
  • 9 If you hold both K-ETA and a valid Residence Card (or Overseas Korean Resident Card) when you enter South korea, you are firstly granted the status of stay and period of stay according to your Residence Card (or Overseas Korean Resident Card). Based on the Article 37-1 of the Immigration Control Act, you can enter the country via K-ETA only if you had returned your Residence Card (or Overseas Korean Resident Card) to the immigration control official when you exited South korea in the past or if you return your card at the moment of entry.Please note that if you hold a valid visa, you are firstly granted the status of stay and period of stay according to your visa (regardless of your possessing K-ETA).

Step-by-step Guide for Application

  1. STEP 01Apply
  2. STEP 02Enter E-mail
  3. STEP 03Enter Passport Information
  4. STEP 04Enter Application Information
  5. STEP 05Make Payment
  6. STEP 06Under assessment
  7. STEP 07Check Results

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