How to Fix Payment Button Error

  • 2022-09-05
  • Admin
When you are applying for K-ETA, if the payment button is not clicked, please follow the instructions below.

■ Mobile App : Delete and re-install the K-ETA App.

■ PC
 ○ For All Browser (Clear cache and refresh browser)
  1. Windows – Hold down [Ctrl] and press [F5] on K-ETA website.
  2. Mac – Press [Cmd]+[Shift]+[R] on K-ETA website.

 ○ In Chrome
  At the top right, click more (⋮) → Click More tools > Clear browsing data → Clear data

 ○ In Microsoft Edge
  At the top right, click more (⋯) →Settings → Privacy & services → Clear browsing data → Clear

 ○ In Internet Explorer
  At the top right, click the Tools menu → Internet Options → General tab → Delete