Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

The Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “T) is to stipulate the use requirements, procedures, and other necessary matters regarding the internet website (hereinafter “website”) provided by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea.

Article 2 (Definitions)

The definitions of the terms used for this T is as follows.

Article 3 (Effectiveness and Amendment)
Article 4 (Other Regulations)

Chapter 2 Provision and Use of Service

Article 5 (Establishment of Use Contract)
Article 6 (Consent to Use of Personal Information and its Protection)
Article 7 (Information Security of User)
Article 8 (Notification to the User)
Article 9 (Grant or Change Application Number)
Article 10 (Service Hours)
Article 11 (Suspension of Service and Notice)
Article 12 (Termination of Contract and Restriction of Use)
Article 13 (Copyright)
Article 14 (Deletion of Posts)

This website may delete, move, or deny registration of a post without prior notice if a post registered on this website’s board falls under any of the following.

Chapter 3 Duties and Responsibilities

Article 15 (Duties of this Website)
Article 16 (Duties of the User)
Article 17 (Ownership of this Website)

Chapter 4 Others

Article 18 (Prohibition of Transfer)

The user cannot transfer or donate the right to use the service or other use contracts for use to another person, and it cannot be provided as collateral.

Article 19 (Damages)

The website shall not be liable for any damages incurred to the user regarding the services provided by the website, except for criminal acts intentionally committed by this website.

Article 20 (Indemnity)
Article 22 (Competent Court)

The laws of the Republic of Korea will apply to the disputes between this website and users over the use of services, and lawsuits arising from this dispute will be filed in the competent court under the Civil Procedure Code.